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The Exotic Flavour Of Iranian Saffron

Posted by Admin on September, 14, 2020

Originated in Greece, the most expensive spice in the world ranging from 500-5000USD for 1pound, Iranian saffron is also one of the most renowned spices among global buyers. Involving labour intensive harvesting process, this spice has distinct flavour, aroma and colour. Saffron is hand-reaped from the "Crocus sativus" flower, usually called the “saffron crocus”. The expression “saffron” is dedicated to the flower's thread-like structure. Nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, proteins minerals is present in abundance in Iranian saffron. Therefore Iranian saffron is admired for its medicinal properties of treating some of pains and diseases such as ease cramps, fevers, enlarged livers, and to calm nerves, cancers, oxidant-induced stress, and infections. It is believed that consumption of saffron augment boost mood, libido, and increase memory. Perhaps for this objective Iranian people like adding it to various foods and drinks.

Loaded with such powerful nutrients, Iranian Saffron has many miraculous benefits. To mention few here:

  • Iranian Saffron comprises a remarkable array of plant compounds such as lycopene that act as antioxidants, that guard your cells against oxidant induced stress and free radicals.

  • Nicknamed as “sunshine spice”, Saffron may assist in treating symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression. Saffron may have aphrodisiac properties for both men and women and may particularly help those taking antidepressants.

  • Saffron has excessive antioxidants that contains anti-cancer properties which may help destroy cancer cells while leaving normal cells unscathed.

  • Both consuming and whiffing saffron may assist in treating PMS symptoms, such as pain, irritability, cravings, headaches, and anxiety.

  • Being a good source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc etc. it plays a vital role in harmonising out blood pressure levels and regulating them to more standard level, production of red blood cells, assist nerves function normally, healthy bone development, etc.

  • Saffron is suitable source of fatty acids so has proven to lessen snacking and curb your craving. Resulting in shedding some pounds by normalising the functioning of metabolism.

  • It is proven to be a great booster in impediment of some conditions such as diabetic, colon cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, creation of DNA and sustaining normal brain function.

  • Also, being an apt sources of protein that help construct block for healthy hair, skin, heart, and bones in our body. This spice also restores muscle tissue.

However, extensive studies are in the process to draw stronger conclusions for the same. Still Iranian Saffron stands out in spices for its medicinal properties, aroma and colour. With its ever existing demand, Iranian Saffron Suppliers are at booming these days by offering Iranian Saffron at Best Price. Though to buy Pure Iranian Saffron one needs to be really adept at knowing the quality norms but Iranian Saffron Supplier are surpassing every test by following the below mentioned checklist:

  • The suppliers induct a team of adroit professionals that take care of proper measure taken during packaging, storage and transport.

  • They are trained to abide industry norms and are also proficient in putting a stringent check on each pack of Iranian Saffron for a complete quality assurance.

  • As the competition is very high for the suppliers, they always prefer to keep the prices affordable to capture more customers for business expansion.

  • They also keep in mind the hygiene conditions as Iranian Saffron is used in eatables and is consumed in many forms.

  • Proper mention of the details of the manufacturing and packaging dates on each pack is one mandatory routine for the suppliers.

  • Supreme packaging is provided to keep the aroma and other nutrients of the product intact.

Eventually, the ‘spiced up’ fact is Iranian Saffron Supplier have created a pedestal for themselves by their quality driven attitude, adding spice to your life!

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